Sunday, March 30, 2008

ALA Genentech Climb California
This was a charity stair climb of the Genentech Building (AKA Bank of America Building, the tallest accessible stairwell in SF). I made up a team name, "Eat Our Dust Bunnies" and there were 8 of us who climbed.

52 flights up!

Debbie, Melanie, Reagan, & Cameron made it to the top! Reagan had some patience to sit in that backpack for the long haul up 1,197 stairs.

Why is she scared of funny faces and not this?

Mama did it in 12 minnutes 37 seconds (165 out of 814). Reagan & Dada made it in 16:18 (386 out of 814)

We even made page B1 of Today's San Francisco Chronicle.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Reagan had a blast coloring eggs yesterday and finding them this morning!

So excited that she just spotted one on the table...
Found this was by her rain boots, later decided to check inside the boots for another ... we could have made the hiding places harder!
So proud! She found them all!
Bye Bye Ugly Wall!

We ripped out the patio wall and the difference is amazing! We love it! Not only is the view 10,000 times better from the house, but it feels more open and inviting and the patio seems like part of the yard. Before, it was like you were either doing a "patio" activity or a "rest of the backyard" activity, now it's like one big open inviting yard and it feels like the patio is 10x bigger too. Even the concrete looks nicer now that you can see the curvature and the flow of it without this big stupid wall in the middle of it. We kept it all this time thinking it was put there to block the wind, but after leaving the windows on it open for a while, we couldn't tell a difference. When it's windy, it's windy, wall or not. Here are some before and after shots!



Daddy's Little Helper

Digging trenches for water pipes for new grass in the back

Helping put together the new hauling trailer

Into the evening, still working as hard as Daddy

Helping put the new treadmill together