Friday, December 7, 2007

Too Too Twain

She loves The Little Blue Engine book and kept pointing out the toy clown today. I'd stop reading to say yeah, that's a clown. She got up, walked over to Bozo, pointed at his face and said "daaat". Oh yeah Reagan, that's a clown too, you're right! Wow!
Ready For Breakfast With Santa

Our New *Free* Toy Organizer!

We're driving along last weekend and this thing is sitting on the curb with a FREE sign on it. [screeeeeeech .... go my brakes]. "oh my god Cam, go get that!" I didn't even pull over, I essentially stopped in the middle of the [very residential, lightly traveled] road. Without a word, he steps out, packs it in, I get out to help distribute things into the back seat that aren't fitting in the trunk and we're on our way. I had really been contemplating getting one of these and they're $60 new at Target! I've seen some being sold over email from other Moms, but I wasn't 100% sure if we needed one or had room for one yet. The FREE sign made that decision real easy and I love it! We were able to get all the toys from her toy box in here and now the toy box holds Cam's old blocks, which were sitting in a cardboard box on the floor. Big improvement!
Born Personal Trainer

The other day, in one of Reagan's rarer moments playing by herself (she usually reaches for our finger, says "pay", and guides us over to her toys with her), I noticed her putting her baby doll in pushup position and saying "up, don, eh-ee-ise". Translated, that means, "up, down, exercise". Hilarious! She has learned this from me doing a workout with another mom/friend in her backyard while Reagan and her son play around near us.