Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Ryan!

"Buddy", as I find myself calling him all the time now, is 1 today (or Sat, when I started this post)!  Took him a few minutes, but he thoroughly enjoyed his "chocolate chip" cake (supposed to be chocolate cake .. made it from scratch and when I added the baker's chocolate, it was too warm and coagulated into little chocolate chip pieces).  We had our friends Allison, Blake, Jack and Ella over for dinner and cake and they brought Ryan some hand-me-down gifts that Jack has outgrown, perfect!  We'll return the favor when Ella turns 1 in July.

Ryan enjoying his balloons (that we brought home in the stroller and got completely tangled in the wind)
Mmm ... cake!

Update on Ryan's skills:  In the last month, Ryan has mastered 4 signs and 4 animal sounds!  He LOVES animals, going outside (usually to hear dogs bark), and climbing ... the stairs, Reagan's kid chairs, Reagan's bed stairs, the footstool, then from the footstool to the couch!  Not so interested in walking though.  He'll comply a bit when we hold his hands and have him walk, but then he pulls away and reaches down (not falls, but reaches ... while balancing perfectly) to start crawling.  Someday he'll realize walking is faster and that he can actually do it.
I want to post 2 videos here, but there's no video option.  frustrating.  Hopefully I'll figure it out soon.
Video of 3 of his 4 signs: "more", "all done", "sleepy".  He also signs "outside" now too.

Video of 4 animal sounds: "woof", "sss", "ba", and "hoo"

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holidays in Illinois 2009

Our 17 day trip was a lot of fun!  Here are some highlights ...

Dec 21: We spent the first day at the Wicklows after arriving really late the night before.  My wish for snow came true on day one!  Cameron and Reagan built a snowman and snowdog.

Dec 22: At the Reeves, Ryan and Cantor share toys well; narrowly gouge other's eyes out

Dec 22-26: Reagan and Faire had fun copying each other, us, etc
Dec 25: After rain melted all the previous snow, we got dumped on with 8.5 inches!  Wish thoroughly fulfilled!  The slope in Gma Laurie/Gpa Martin's backyard was perfect sledding for the kids too.
Dec 23: Ryan and Great Grandpa Andrew sharing the head of the table during lunch at Panache
Dec 25:  Christmas lunch at the Wicklows; Gpa Don, Cam, & Reagan check out all the goodies from Santa

Dec 30: A fun night out at Monical's Pizza - totally forgot how much I loved their food - along with Heidi and Hanna.  "We're crazy sticker face girls, give us some candy!"

Dec 31: Last meal out with Gma Connie/Gpa Don before heading to Chicago for New Year's
Dec 31 - Jan 5: At Rikki/Chris', we celebrated New Year's, played Rock Band, and lazed around

Jan 3: Ryan's two breakfast dates, first Maggie, then Lucy.

Jan 5: We arrived back home to find that Santa left Reagan a barbie house!