Sunday, January 11, 2009

Conversation with Reagan

Cam's ready to read bedtime story to Reagan and she requests the story about the rabbit and the cat. He doesn't know which one she means, so he calls me in to help figure it out. I have no clue either, so I ask her some questions to help us figure it out. Here's how futile that was:

Me: What story do you mean, can you tell me what it's about?
Reagan: It's about a rabbit and a cat.
Me: But what do they do in the story?
Reagan: The rabbit hops
Me: Ok, what does the cat do?
Reagan: meows
Me: [laughing with Cam] But what happens in the story ... like do they go somewhere?
Reagan: Yeah, Scovewy (Discovery) Kingdom

That's the local theme park we've taken her to, so she's apparently making up this story.