Friday, November 24, 2006


No real indication that she realizes what it means yet, but she's saying it a lot, mostly when whining/fussing though ... so it could mean that she's whining for me. She does do it when she wants me to pick her up, but it won't be for sure until she says it while in a good mood too :-)

In this picture, taken November 8th, I dared to walk into the next room ... no mama ... don't leave me! If I could just get the hang of this standing thing, I could go with mommy over there! This was taken about 1 week before she was crawling confidently.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Reagan's New Room Arrangement

well, one side of the room ...
Sleepless in Benicia

For some reason, Reagan basically had insomnia tonight for about 3 hrs. We kept taking turns helping her fall back asleep, but she'd just wake up with the creak of the door or the stairs. I fed her and she was clearly tired. We did miss her solid dinner and were on a long walk, so maybe she didn't get enough exercise. At least we were making cookies for TG and up anyway. Going to bed finally with Reagan sound asleep - I hope she sleeps in because of this - and cookies finally done. They were from scratch, so there were many steps. They're cheesecake thumbprints ... really good.

Crawling! Pulling To A Stand!

As of this past weekend, Reagan is officially crawling wherever she wants and pulling to a stand regularly in her crib. She greets us at the end - and unfortunately the beginning - of most naps in this position.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Closer and closer and closer and closer to Crawling ...

Reagan is endlessly fascinated by knocking down this stack of cups. She does a combo of actual crawling (for like 2 seconds) and tummy scooting/flopping (in between 2-second crawling bouts). She's also very ticklish in her armpits and ribs ... just like a human! Who knew she was a real human! I thought she was just a baby! :-)

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Gross Motor Leaps and Bounds!

She went to this position from sitting ... don't get excited, this is so 5 minutes ago ...

What? You're trying to go BACK to sitting! This is advanced core training!

Wait, let me move the "house of toys" out from under your butt ... ok, go ahead, don't give up!

Throwing the upper arm back to get upright ... what a kinesthetic genius :-)

YOU DID IT!!!!! I got so excited at this point, she was just staring at me for a minute trying to figure out my reaction... then she got excited too ... she knew she did something cool :-)

A few minutes later, trying to pull to a stand grabbing my leg...

Stay tuned, the gross motor skills are coming at light speed now ...

Monday, November 6, 2006

Diamond Reagan :-)

Every day, she gets closer to crawling and pulling up. She can easily get to her hands and knees from sitting and will even attempt to pull her knees in, but gets frustrated at that point and tummy flops. Before it was just pull forward, get toy, go back to sitting; now it's pull forward over to hands and knees to get toy, move knees in a little, then tummy flop ... baby steps :-)

Friday, November 3, 2006

Bath Time Is In The Kitchen Sink These Days!

Our Day On Angel Island - 10/15/06

On the ferry from Tiburon

We made it to the top! Downtown San Fran in background

The bunny rabbit is ready to head back to the ferry

Here we go (Golden Gate Bridge behind us)
Is She Practicing Yoga or Trying to Crawl? ...

Oct 23 - Plank or Pushup?

Oct 30 - Half Lotus Pushup?

Nov 1 - Downward Facing Dog?

Watching Daddy Open The Mail

Reagan Helps Go Through The Coupons

Thursday, November 2, 2006

A sleepy girl just woke up from her 2 hour nap

A Walk/Jog In The Rain

Today, Reagan and I walked to the baby consignment shop, Ready Set Grow. It was drizzling and overcast here, so we bundled up. I got her some warm clothes for IL, like these snow bibs and coat for only $14 total!

Wednesday, November 1, 2006


Reagan was a Bumble Bee, thanks to Aunt Carol (Peck), for Halloween yesterday. She's with one of her playgroup friends, Jack.

NOTE: click on the pic to see enlarged view