Friday, January 28, 2011

Halloween 2010

Reagan was the princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast and Ryan was a Bat (same costume Reagan wore at 1.5). I was a half man, half woman and Cam was a Vampire. We had a really fun Halloween party for all our friends and their kids. It went from 4-6 and then everyone headed out trick-or-treating, some on their own, some in groups. Reagan ended up going with her two girlfriends, Emma and Olivia, who were Sleeping Beauty and Princess Tiana (princess and the frog) respectively.

Ryan: "She won't give me that!" Reagan: "ha ha, he can't reach it!"
Princess Tiana (Olivia), Sleeping Beauty (Emma), and Princess Belle (Reagan)
Most of the adults at our party dressed up, I really encouraged it and it worked! We voted and Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty (Erika, behind me, next to Cam) was our winner! You can see the woman side of my outfit mostly here, but not Cam's (black clothes, red cape, slicked back hair, trickle of blood that had worn off already ... that was the extent of it :-))
Cam and I went to an old friend's party in our same costumes the previous night.

Earlier in the week, we dressed up for music class (same Bat costume for Ryan and Reagan was a Turtle - had to wear the $3-clearly-homemade-thrift-store turtle costume we found!)