Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Famous Aunt Augie

So as my parents were driving through Kentucky on their way to Georgia to see my Mom's family for the weekend, they were listening to NPR's coverage of Obama's speech in Berlin today. There were excerpts of his speech along with a discussion panel and then they took callers. Next thing they hear is, "we have a caller, Augie, from Berlin" and it was undeniably Augie's voice, giving her thoughts on his speech. A bit of a surreal experience when you're bored and driving.

Listen for yourself..

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random Reagan Funnies

On our trip, we told Reagan that Grandpa Don puts whiny girls to bed (she was still a little nervous of him) and Dada puts good girls to bed. This conversation was days later back home ...

Reagan: [whining]
Melanie: "You're being a whiny girl, Reagan."
Reagan: "Gwampa Don puts whiny goes (girls) to bed."
Uncle Brandon wore khaki shorts most every day we were with him and when I put some khaki shorts on Reagan the other day, she says, "jus yite (like) Un-toe Bwandon's soats (shorts)"
Reagan hit a beaded wand against Cam's chest, not knowing how much it would hurt. His reaction left her very upset that she hurt him, so he comforted her, explained he was ok and that she needs to be careful, etc. Later that day, she came up close to his face and said "I'm soo happy dat you're ouchie is all betto (better)". It was so tender, the sweetest thing we ever heard!
Cam laid on the couch after playing with her all morning and she says, "you need a bwanket, Dada?" She offered me the same when I laid down on her play carpet one morning.
Reagan: "Whoa's (where's) Dada going"
Melanie: "He's going to return a movie, but he'll be right back"
Reagan: "What's 'wetone'?"
Melanie: "It's when you borrow something for a little while and have to take it back"
Reagan: "Umm... Yite Un-toe Bwandon and Aunt Danyeow" (like uncle brandon and aunt danielle)
Summer Illinois Trip

At the end of June, Reagan and I spent 2 weeks in Illinois and Cam joined us the 2nd week. We spent a few days in Chicago at Rikki and Chris's house with them and Morgan, Cameron and David.

Here they are playing dress-up. Cameron (little Beans) was so excited to play dress up with Reagan cause she's a girl, not like her brother David. After that, they colored at the table together.
Then we took the train to Peoria and spent the rest of the time there. It was much more low key this year since we slept in only 3 different places (2 in the same city - both grandparents). This is opposed to last summer when we slept in 5 different places and changed locations 7 times (in 3 weeks instead of 2, but still ... ridiculous).

It was relaxing, just a lot of hanging out with family and friends ... sometimes in big groups, sometimes small. We celebrated my Grandparent's 60th wedding anniversary and rewrote the words to "You Are My Sunshine" to reflect their 60-year journey. My Mom and brothers and I sang it in 4 parts as a quartet - a quartet we should start touring with - cause damn, we sounded good! As my Mom says, it must be blood harmony. Next time we're all together, I'll have to get video of it and post it here :-)

Other than that, friends visited, I had a Lia Sophia jewelry party one night - can't get enough of that stuff, we went to the zoo one day, took Reagan mini-golfing, went to the bars one night with my younger brother Steven and friend Heidi (and felt old), and otherwise talked and ate, what we do best :-) ... like Avanti's gondola subs - the best ever, Bob Evan's turkey dinner, and my Dad's spaghetti followed by Doug's great idea to make a veggie - well mostly veggie - lasagna out of the meat sauce the next day. I almost felt like a real cook even though Doug was running the show and I wouldn't have had a clue without his help.

Reagan got a hole-in-one every time:
Uncle Brandon & Aunt Danielle Visit

June 5th, our first day, we toured San Francisco. We saw Grandpa Don's old house, Ocean Beach, ate at the Cliff House, drove some steep streets, then crossed the Golden Gate Bridge.
Later that day, Reagan climbed Mount Tam for a view of the entire bay area.
Here's another tough hike, this time in Yosemite. Uncle Brandon will help.
Uncle Brandon and Cam climbed Yosemite Falls, a 2500 ft waterfall. Here's Brandon at the top.
Looking back up at Yosemite Falls from halfway up.
Danielle, Reagan, & Melanie at Glacier PointToo much drivingReagan & Uncle Brandon on the Merry-go-round at Fisherman's Wharf. Reagan could choose 1 of us to go with her for free and she chose Uncle Brandon ... so cute.
Soccer Practice

I decided to give Soccer a try when I found out about the Parent & Me class. It was fun and she was always excited to go, but just as excited to play on the playground after the 25 minute lesson. Not worth it again until she's over 3. She had just turned 2, it was in April and May for 8 weeks.

Action shot.

Reagan, still in the green, listening to Coach Al ... or watching mommy & daddy behind him.