Saturday, April 7, 2012

Roller Skating!

The kids did some skating at Reagan's friend's birthday party the weekend before Eric arrived. It was pretty cute and thank goodness for these "skate mates" since Cam doesn't skate and I couldn't skate, being 38 weeks pregnant.

Welcome Eric Martin Wicklow!

Eric was born 3/28/12 at 1:10pm
He was 8 lbs 11 ozs and 20 inches

Perfectly healthy! Reagan and Ryan adore him and constantly dump hand sanitizer (which they call "hanitizer") on so they can hold him.

A big thanks to Grandma Connie and Grandpa Don for visiting for 2 weeks to help us out during the hospital stay. That made things so much easier than finding friends to shuffle them around to or worse, having Cam not with me much at the hospital.

Things went well during the birth other than my severe but short-lived blood pressure drop (to 60/30!!) as a reaction to getting the spinal for local anesthetic. It's never happened before, but it produced the worst pounding headache of my life. Luckily it only lasted about 5 minutes since whatever the anesthesiologist gave me brought it back up.

Eric's only minor complication was a gathering of blood in his scalp that is very slowly going away as his body reabsorbs it. They had to use a vacuum to help get him out of the incision since hr was apparently wedged into my pelvis pretty well.