Monday, November 26, 2007

EBD's and One, Two, Vree

Reagan can count to three now. It's been a couple weeks since she's been using "two" in counting and as an adjective. But, now she's excitedly counting to three. She started learning the names of letters and now whenever she sees printed words, she calls them EBD's. She also requests that I sing the ABC song by saying EBD.
Monterey Thanksgiving

We went to Monterey for Thanksgiving and ended the trip with a drive down to Bakersfield to go to a freind's wedding. On TG, we went to the aquarium and a great Thanksgiving buffet. Reagan loved seeing everything, especially the sea otters. She was afraid to touch the sea cucumbers and starfish though.

Checking out what's under this murky water
Watching "the funny fish with legs" feed all the normal looking fish in the Kelp Forest

The next day, we walked to Dennis the Menace Park. She loved this too of course ... it's such a great park, we didn't even feel bored there!

Saturday, we drove to Bakersfield for Dale and Donna's hawaiian/pirate themed wedding (Reagan wanted "mau" dancing and music even though she was yawning and rubbing her eyes every few minutes). Sunday, we drove home ... almost 5 hr drive, but she did great. Driving through the valley, there isn't much to look at, so Reagan was pointing out all the "EBD's" (road signs) and every "bus", which included trucks, motorhomes, and buses. We explained that the motorhomes were like buses so I decided to call it a "motorhome bus" as if it were a type of bus. She repeated "mo mo bus hum".

Here's a random shot at PF Chang's where we found out she likes "chicken fried rice". This was my chinese restaurant meal until I was like 20 or something. It was chicken fingers until at least age 15 at every other restaurant. Anyway, this huge serving spoon was way more fun to eat with than her little Elmo fork.


So far, "Ray-run" has been so impressed with her ability to understand us, that she would do anything we said to show us that she understood. Now, she is impressing herself with her ability to say "No."

Friday, November 16, 2007

The Cake Is Gone!

... because I tossed the last quarter of it in the garbage (yes, Cam and I ate 3/4 of our birthday cake in 5 days). I was pretending to be fat standing next to the cake in the picture (a few posts down) taken Saturday ... now on Thursday, I actually am so it was time to toss it. So what if I grabbed a couple ... ok, few ... fine, several chunks with my fingers while walking it out to the garbage. I tossed it and I'm proud!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

"Weee Out-ise"

"Reagan, first let's eat breakfast, then we can go outside and go wee down the slide." Just got this for free from my neighbor who's friend was giving it away, but they already have one. It's hard to imagine that she's actually slightly big for a big toy like this, but she still loves it.

"Mama, mama!" she says as she points toward the slide. "Reagan, mama's too big. See, I don't fit."
Our Kitchen's Done!

First, some progress pics since February, the last time I blogged about this project!
Cam tears out the old countertops (Jun 10)

We live in a disaster zone and eat off paper plates (until Aug 1)BEFORE

(drum roll please ...)
Window and Sink

View from the Dining Room ... and the big question is: should we extend the "Nantucket Mist" color on the rest of that wall? You can enlarge the pic by clicking on it. Don't worry, whatever your opinion is, you'll only upset one of us :-)

Happy 30th Cameron!

We had our 70's Bday bash on Saturday and it was a good time! I borrowed a dress and shoes from Amy, who just happens to own clothes perfect for a 70's theme ... thanks Amy! I attempted a Farrah Fawcett thing with my hair, but was in a total rush while watching Reagan climb all over the bathroom. Sadly, only one and 1/2 others dressed up and I didn't even end up getting pictures of them - thanks Blake and for your top half, Kate :-) Reagan had a great time, playing on the disco floor with Rani and her friend and the hula hoop. We have way too much food leftover that Cam and I are plowing through like kids in a candy store... it's gotten to the "get rid of this stuff so we can stop eating it phase" but by get rid of it, I don't mean the garbage can, unfortunately.

Reagan's Doggie from Jude

Help! The cake is attacking me!