Saturday, September 26, 2009

Reagan Tweets

[To Cam as he's leaving her room after putting her to bed]

"Dada, I want you to check on me, go, check on me, go, check on me, lay on my cushion" - counting on her fingers as she listed the sequence of events

For my b-day this year, we got a group of 12 for the party package at iFly SF Bay, Indoor Skydiving. It was awesome!
In this pic from left: Allison, Tracy, Erika, Michelle, Cameron, Aimee
Video of my second flight:

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's that time of year again! We're drowning in apples. We filled this big bin in no time and there are tons more. By the way, Reagan took that picture, I need to give her the camera more often, what a photographer!

Here's how Ryan participated ... for a minute until he got fussy and we had to hold him.
First Day of School

Reagan started preschool today ... and didn't cry one bit (even though she told me numerous times from the moment she woke up that she didn't want to go). After refusing to get in the pool for lessons without me just a month ago and go into a ballet class without me in the spring, I was pretty surprised how well she did.

"I love it here" she said, as we were walking out.

An excerpt from my friend Tracy about her son JJ and Reagan this morning (a few friends had a harder time, but they all ended up proclaiming their love for the place too):

/Warm Fuzzy Moment of the Day/: JJ bawling his eyes out that I'm leaving the playground. Reagan walks up (out of nowhere) and silently presents a pine cone to JJ. JJ: "I don't want a pine cone!! Snort". Reagan (patiently still holding it out). I give it to JJ and say "tell Reagan thank you". "Thank Youuuu. Snort". Reagan silently retreats to whatever angel cloud she came from....

Waiting to go in this morning (from left): Wesley, Reagan, Jack

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Passy Fairy

"The passy fairy takes your passies to give to babies in other cities that need them and she leaves you a gift. You can leave your passies in the passy fairy basket any night that you're ready starting when you're 3 years old ... or she comes on your birthday when you turn 4." - said I, several weeks ago.

This whole idea got discussed here and there until a few weeks ago on a Target trip where Reagan was getting very excited about "The Little Mermaid" themed dolls/toys and especially one where you could change Ariel from a mermaid to a human (we had to describe it to her since they were out of stock).

We started mentioning how maybe we could leave a message with the passy fairy. This got her suddenly very ready to give up the passy. We convinced her that a practice night or two (she only slept with it, so it was only an issue at night and naps) would be good to see if she's ready since the passy fairy couldn't buy the gift until it was in the store anyway. She only got about 10 minutes in and got out of bed to grab the passy off her bookshelf ... too tempting.

On the way home that night, she made sure ... over and over during the ride home ... that we knew she wanted the "tail on/tail off" Ariel and not the other ones. We found the toy (on Ebay finally) and told Reagan it was available for the passy fairy to buy so when Cam suggested she go for it, she was game.

We put her 2 passies in a basket and I left a little note from the passy fairy saying how generous it was of her to give her passies to babies that need them. She was beside herself the next morning with her "tail on/tail off" Ariel and has been playing with it almost non-stop ever since.

It hasn't been the easiest transition though. The first two nights she woke up around 4 am out of sorts, wanting her passy, unable to fall back asleep. When she wanted us to play "Ariel" with her the next day, we explained that we were too tired because we missed so much sleep when she wouldn't sleep in the middle of the night. She hasn't done that since!

She's had some trouble at the beginning of the night too, not wanting to go to sleep. Tonight is the first night she didn't fight it at all - only took 5 nights to get back to normal, not bad. The best was when she whined about needing something in her mouth and when I suggested her thumb, she said, "no, I need something the size of a passy!" Sneaky, Reagan, sneaky.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Reagan gets it. It wasn't long ago that we would tell her " ... in 10 minutes" and she'd say "how about 5?" Ok Reagan, whatever you say. :-) Well tonight when Cam was putting her to bed, there was a little negotiation about how many minutes he'd wait before checking on her.

Cam: "How about 30 minutes?"
Reagan: "No, that's too long. How about 5 minutes?"
Cam: "How about 10 minutes? That's just 2, 5 minutes" [shows her by counting on hands]
Reagan: "No, 5 minutes" [throwing just one hand up to show him]
Cam: "How about 5 minutes in the monitor and then 5 more minutes in your room?"
Reagan: "No, 5 minutes in my room, then in the monitor. And Mommy has to check on me too"

Bring her along next time you're dealing with a used car salesman!
Reagan Tweets

Instead of Twitter for Reagan's "tweets" like her cousin Faire has ( (super cute and great idea), I'm going to name and tag these posts "Reagan Tweets" so they're here with the rest of the blog, but easy to search out.

"But Cinderella does all the chores without complaining" -- Reagan, in response to Cam telling her he was going downstairs to help Mommy clean up [instead of sleeping in her room with her as she requested]

Monday, September 7, 2009

Big Sur, Monterey, and Camelot

Last weekend, my parents flew in for a quick weekend where we met Trixie, Philip, and Alex (aunt and cousins) for a night of camping in Big Sur. Cam came up with a great idea for keeping all the sleeping bags and pillows away from Ryan (we had never camped when Reagan was this young) - a kid bed rail between our air mattress and his little mat. Reagan was on her own camping pad at his feet. What a nice, cute little family tent layout, right? Fast forward to 2 am when Reagan woke up crying, which woke up Ryan and the only way to pick up Ryan without sitting on Reagan's sleeping area was to kneel on the unstable air mattress while reaching over the [previously] genius bed rail. Other than that, camping went well! :-)
Hmm ... scorching pot of chili and no tongs. This is called planning ahead folks! We bent a roasting stick and moved quickly.
Time for S'mores!
Next day at famous scene where waterfall falls directly onto beach.
Grandma Laurie and Reagan in their twin pants doing their twin walk back to the car
Stopped in Monterey on the way home ... 2 men and a baby ... a 22 lb baby with no stroller since it wouldn't fit with all our camping stuff in the van
The Berenstain Bears got candy apples for Halloween in one of Reagan's books and now she knows what they are (it's actually a caramel apple ... better in my opinion)
At the neighborhood pool the next day
back at Camelot
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!

... and done.
Where's Waldo? (or Ryan)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Ryan at 6 Months

video of Ryan laughing at Reagan (and getting concerned when she disappears) ...

swinging at the park ... whee!