Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ryan Tweets

He has mastered calling for me. This morning from his bed, a very distinct "ma ma" with no whining or crying. He repeated it 4 or 5 times before I got in there.
Reagan Tweets

R: How do videos and movies get on the TV?
C: Through that wire
R: .. but that wire's too small to fit those big pictures
C: [explanation about how it's a bunch of tiny pixels .. or something like that that I can't even re-explain right now :-)]

[while watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympics last month]
M&C: That country is called Chile
R: They do look cold to me
Cute Together

They take a bath together every night
They zonked together in the stroller on the way back from a long day at the park
They draw together (well Ryan just grabs and laughs)
They give ni-night kisses to each other (Ryan's only mastered open mouth so far) :-)
Front Yard Helpers

Feb 20
Mar 7
Mar 20

I can do that too, Daddy
How does the dirt taste, Ryan?
Progress so far: hard to see the landscaping that's done so far, but you can see the new garage door and new screen door and no bushes or deck anymore!  The rosemary plants are now on the right in front of the path instead of along the edge of the driveway.  There's also an avocado tree and and orange tree!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Reagan Tweets

I've been telling Reagan how many days are left until we go to New York and see (cousin) Faire.  Randomly the other morning at breakfast, Reagan says "I can't wait that long to see Faire.  She's so cute!" :-)