Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Gross Motor Leaps and Bounds!

She went to this position from sitting ... don't get excited, this is so 5 minutes ago ...

What? You're trying to go BACK to sitting! This is advanced core training!

Wait, let me move the "house of toys" out from under your butt ... ok, go ahead, don't give up!

Throwing the upper arm back to get upright ... what a kinesthetic genius :-)

YOU DID IT!!!!! I got so excited at this point, she was just staring at me for a minute trying to figure out my reaction... then she got excited too ... she knew she did something cool :-)

A few minutes later, trying to pull to a stand grabbing my leg...

Stay tuned, the gross motor skills are coming at light speed now ...

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  1. More! I want more! This post is a week old! I know I just saw her yesterday, but I want more!