Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our Kitchen's Done!

First, some progress pics since February, the last time I blogged about this project!
Cam tears out the old countertops (Jun 10)

We live in a disaster zone and eat off paper plates (until Aug 1)BEFORE

(drum roll please ...)
Window and Sink

View from the Dining Room ... and the big question is: should we extend the "Nantucket Mist" color on the rest of that wall? You can enlarge the pic by clicking on it. Don't worry, whatever your opinion is, you'll only upset one of us :-)


  1. So glad you're rid of the pea green sink! It looks great. You need to decide if you want the space to flow as one common area, or if you want it to be clearly defined as two separate spaces, then apply the color accordingly...

  2. What kind of countertop is that? Granite? It looks very nice. Did Cam do all of it himself? We are working on re-doing a bathroom, and we have yet to decide on a countertop. It is quite a bit of work. Hopefully we will finish while we are still living here.