Monday, August 11, 2008

Reaching Goals!

With I lost 13 lbs! Before, without any accountability or deadline, it was waaaay too easy to spend all my time planning the perfect workout schedule rather than just doing things each day to go in the right direction. Having the visual aid of the "Yellow Brick Road" with Kibotzer not only made that shift happen automatically, but also continued to show me the big picture, reminding me that progress was being made, something that's very easy to second guess. Looking at the road, you see the progress you've made and it reinforces that what you're doing is working and motivates you to keep it up. It was really the key to my success!

My brother, Danny, created the graphs and he and his wife Bethany have been creating a website out of it, with some help on non-technical things from me and technical things from other friends of theirs.

It's a really simple process: sign up on the site with your email and your starting value for your goal (whether it's increasing the number of pushups you can do or decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke a day or any other goal you can dream up, basically) and a graph is created for you, with its own unique web address. You receive a daily email (from the "bot", named Kibotzer) asking for your data and within seconds of replying, you receive an email with a link to your graph (which remains private unless you want the extra exposure for more motivation). You then check it out, see the progress and stay motivated. Voila!

Bethany used Kibotzer to successfully lose weight too - 4.5 kg's (about 10 lbs). Check out our progress, past and present, with our Kibotzer badges (Bethany created this feature so people could show off their work on blogs or webpages)!




  1. Augie and Christie's question has been answered, albeit rather subtly... :)

  2. exactly ... wondering if anyone will notice. I've gotten one reply to my email from Cam's Dad's cousin and no mention of the pregnancy :-)