Sunday, November 2, 2008

Our Halloween Week

Carving our pumpkins ...
We planned on Reagan being a cheerleader since Grandpa Don and Grandma Connie found a great Illini cheerleading outfit, but every time I talked about Halloween, Reagan talked about wanting to be a kitty cat. So I bought the accessories (ears, tail, collar) to pair with some black clothes, a pink nose, and black whiskers and figured we'd wait and see. With 3 parties and trick-or-treating, we did the kitty 3 times and the cheerleader once. We don't watch sports that involve cheerleaders, so she had no clue what one was. We showed her YouTube videos and that got her just excited enough to do the costume at one party knowing she would be a kitty again that night for trick-or-treating. Both were very cute!

On our way to Stepping Stones (like preschool but with parents there, we go 2x/week)
Heading into the grade school classrooms to parade their costumes (Stretching like a kitty, she thought of this herself)
Sizing up the dog (her friend Adrian) ...
On our way to our playgroup party 2 days later, it's cheerleader time ... rah! rah!
All the playgroup friends (or as many as we got to stand still in a line all at the same time)
Halloween Night, ready for trick-or-treating... (any guesses on my costume .. those that don't already know.)
Her and her friend Jack (race car driver) trick-or-treated together and got good at it. After a while, we could stand back and they had it down.

The night after trick-or-treating, my friends threw their usual major Halloween Bash and unfortunately, our camera was crapping up and we didn't take any pictures of their super elaborate decorations/set up and some really great costumes.

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  1. One-eyed-one-horned-flying-purple-people-eater! And look at her hair, it's so pretty!!!