Thursday, February 11, 2010

Holidays in Illinois 2009

Our 17 day trip was a lot of fun!  Here are some highlights ...

Dec 21: We spent the first day at the Wicklows after arriving really late the night before.  My wish for snow came true on day one!  Cameron and Reagan built a snowman and snowdog.

Dec 22: At the Reeves, Ryan and Cantor share toys well; narrowly gouge other's eyes out

Dec 22-26: Reagan and Faire had fun copying each other, us, etc
Dec 25: After rain melted all the previous snow, we got dumped on with 8.5 inches!  Wish thoroughly fulfilled!  The slope in Gma Laurie/Gpa Martin's backyard was perfect sledding for the kids too.
Dec 23: Ryan and Great Grandpa Andrew sharing the head of the table during lunch at Panache
Dec 25:  Christmas lunch at the Wicklows; Gpa Don, Cam, & Reagan check out all the goodies from Santa

Dec 30: A fun night out at Monical's Pizza - totally forgot how much I loved their food - along with Heidi and Hanna.  "We're crazy sticker face girls, give us some candy!"

Dec 31: Last meal out with Gma Connie/Gpa Don before heading to Chicago for New Year's
Dec 31 - Jan 5: At Rikki/Chris', we celebrated New Year's, played Rock Band, and lazed around

Jan 3: Ryan's two breakfast dates, first Maggie, then Lucy.

Jan 5: We arrived back home to find that Santa left Reagan a barbie house!

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