Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Da-doo" = Cracker

We've been able to discern a word from the strange new language Reagan speaks! She's also started calling us by name and Dada is even Daddy sometimes.

She also seems to heading in the direction of weaning from nursing ... which would be good, I was really hoping she'd do it on her own ... I didn't want to force it on her, but was starting to lay down some deadlines in my mind ... 18 mos... 2 yrs ... I wasn't sure. We've been down to 4 times/day (morning, nap 1, nap 2, and bedtime) for a while now and she's almost 100% down to 1 nap a day, so by default, that took it down to 3 times/day (morning, nap, bedtime). Today, however, a real sign that it's becoming less important and needed ... when I was feeding her before her nap, she sat up after maybe 1 minute - literally just over the time it took me to sing Rock-a-by Baby - and put her hand to the side of her face (her sign for "sleepy") while saying "dat" in a long drawn out, tired sort of tone. I promptly stood up, walked her over to her crib while saying night, night, love you, give mama a kiss (she did), have a good sleepy, etc and she did her usual ... sat there, stuck her passy in her mouth ... paused a minute ... then layed down and snuggled teddy bear. and that was it! She really did just wanna go to sleep and didn't need to nurse... Crazy!

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