Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Catching Up ... Reagan's 18 Months Old!

I've been thinking about blogging, just not getting "a round tuit". Well, I finally got one :-) Reagan increases her understanding and vocabulary constantly ... I can't even begin to capture every new thing she's doing/saying. She copies almost everything we do. You should see her hold, cuddle, kiss the head of, and pat her baby doll. She "brushes" her teeth, she pretends to go on her potty and even closes the lid when she's done, she cuts food with the side of her fork and spoon, she says 2 word phrases like "mama uppie", "uppie peas" (up please) "dada yummies" (Dada's eating yummies), "nigh nigh beebee" (night night baby), "dada hum" "dada week" (dada's at work). She's enamoured with dogs, says "daggie" and "oof, oof" and just today learned to say "meow" instead of just "me" for cats. She's also able to point out shapes now - circle, square, triangle, heart, star. It seems like she's getting colors too, at least red and blue, but I'll need some more proof before I claim that.

In mid-September, Great Grandma and Grandpa Kalkman were here visiting and we all had a great time. Grandma helped us pick tons of apples and trim our way-out-of-hand rose bushes (we don't have a clue, so we hadn't touched em). What an improvement! I want to know how to trim up all the other plants now too! We made 4 apple pies completely from scratch. Worth it! They were awesome! Here's a couple pics from their visit:

Late September, Grandma Connie sent Reagan a game with those realistic looking plastic animals in it. She loved them so much, we've since bought a bunch more in bigger sizes. Oh yeah, and because of these, she says "warees" now too which is walrus. Thanks Grandma Connie!
A recent playgroup at our house: Reagan's learning from Zoe and Jack how to do Ring Around the Rosie.
Reagan feeds her baby doll "doos".
... and wears the princess purse our neighbor found for her ... um, what? How does she know to stand like that? Do I do that!? :-)
... and here she is cutting her sweet potatoes with her fork

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