Sunday, September 9, 2007

BOZO, Blocks, Benches

Even though she's a little young for this, she thinks the Bozo Clown is pretty cool. She's trying to bring it to me so I can make it work. Thanks Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Martin!

She's also a little young for these huge blocks, but Cam's been waiting so patiently to have an excuse to play with them - they're his from his childhood. She loves when he makes a bench and if I'm in the other room, she calls "mama!", walks over to me, points back toward where she came from saying "dat". I follow and she walks up to the bench, points to it and says "dat" looking at me expectantly. Cameron informs me I'm supposed to sit on the bench. I do and she immediately pushes on my back ... my turn is over ... her turn now.
"Reagan say cheese"
Cam's built a couple elaborate forts and ball mazes for her and she thinks they're pretty cool, but not quite as much as Cam yet.
Putting birdies on top made it way cooler though :-)

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