Sunday, July 20, 2008

Random Reagan Funnies

On our trip, we told Reagan that Grandpa Don puts whiny girls to bed (she was still a little nervous of him) and Dada puts good girls to bed. This conversation was days later back home ...

Reagan: [whining]
Melanie: "You're being a whiny girl, Reagan."
Reagan: "Gwampa Don puts whiny goes (girls) to bed."
Uncle Brandon wore khaki shorts most every day we were with him and when I put some khaki shorts on Reagan the other day, she says, "jus yite (like) Un-toe Bwandon's soats (shorts)"
Reagan hit a beaded wand against Cam's chest, not knowing how much it would hurt. His reaction left her very upset that she hurt him, so he comforted her, explained he was ok and that she needs to be careful, etc. Later that day, she came up close to his face and said "I'm soo happy dat you're ouchie is all betto (better)". It was so tender, the sweetest thing we ever heard!
Cam laid on the couch after playing with her all morning and she says, "you need a bwanket, Dada?" She offered me the same when I laid down on her play carpet one morning.
Reagan: "Whoa's (where's) Dada going"
Melanie: "He's going to return a movie, but he'll be right back"
Reagan: "What's 'wetone'?"
Melanie: "It's when you borrow something for a little while and have to take it back"
Reagan: "Umm... Yite Un-toe Bwandon and Aunt Danyeow" (like uncle brandon and aunt danielle)

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