Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ryan Talks

He's really starting to talk up a storm these days, at only just past 16 months! He tries to verbalize whatever he can. Here's a list of every word Reagan, Cam and I can remember that he says now.

Animal sounds (he did these first a while back):
"doo" - moo
"cack cack cack" - quack
"oooooooooooh" - elephant trumpet sound
"mow" - meow
"teet teet teet" - tweet
"ah ah ah" - baa baa
"ee ee ee" - neigh neigh
"oof oof" - woof woof
"ss" - for snake
"shh" - whale (the sound of the water blowing out of hole)
ah.. followed by a purr sound - tiger roar
"ca ca dung a dung a" - cock-a-doodle-doo
hard throat clearing sound - for frog
"who who" - for owl
"caw" - for any black bird

"tee" - cheese
"meat" - with an overly pronounced "t"
"egg" - with an overly pronounced "g"
"ts" - juice
"ungk" - milk
"cackack" - cracker
"peace" - peas
spits w/b sound - blueberries
"nana" - banana
"guh-a-gung" - chicken

Other Words:
night night
"Eh-ee" - Wesley
"Emma" - Emma
"uppie" or "up" - Uppie for pick me up, Up for when going up stairs/step/hill
"dow" - down
"da" - stop
"doh" - go
"la la" - light
"ooooooooooh" - fire truck
"too too" - choo choo
"cut" - truck
"out" - to get out of a chair/seat or get something out of something

Signs Still:
milkies (nursing)
all done

2 Word Phrases:
Night night Daddy
"ooh dat Mama/Mommy" or "ooh dat Dada/Daddy" - Where is it/Where'd it go?
"dat dow" - to 'get down' when in highchair or to 'sit down'

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