Saturday, October 9, 2010

Journey of a Front Yard

Before (2006) & After (2010)

2006 Progress

After my parent's help with what we called "Project Chernobyl of the Bushes", Cam continued all the way to the roots for the driveway strip of bushes
Next, removing every other board, slowly opening up the fortress
After hacking out the huge pit of ivy in the middle of the deck & the deck walls in front of the ivy

2007 Progress

Planted some rosemaries by the driveway and it stayed like this all year. Notice the front bushes have relentlessly grown back, not to mention how huge the side bushes are .. it's the same plant.

2008 Progress

Rosemaries bloomed, so did the weeds

2009 Progress

Side bushes out and progress on front bushes

remainder of deck comes out

2010 Progress

Deck all out, creating flat area for a pathway on top

Installing drainage under the pathway

Daddy gets lots of help, Pretty sure Ryan just ate dirt

digging begins for sprinkler system, rosemary plants moved in front of pathway

hired landscaper to lay sod

Sod is done! Biggest difference yet in one morning after all the years of slow work!

We added rocks, lights and planted strawberries in the bed; landscaper added mulch, orange tree, and avocado tree plus new rosemaries since we killed 2 of the 3 we had moved over :-)

Now it's a yard we can play on!

They love to run up and down the path

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