Saturday, February 24, 2007

I'm baaaaaack!! Recapping Dec 2006 - Feb 2007

Xmas and New Years were spent in Illinois seeing both families and some friends. Here are some pics of our gluttanous (sp?) times ... I literally gained 5 lbs in those 2 weeks! You can find the whole xmas album by clicking on the link to my photos to the right.

Since being back, I joined a local gym and have been LOVING doing "real" workouts again. I've taken several classes and am loving Tae Bo Extreme and Power Pump - all weight training, which you might think I wouldn't need a class for, but someone else is there to make me sore, so it's much better than on my own. I'm training for a triathlon in May in Napa so I've also been swimming laps once a week and trying to get myself to take a spin class once a week, but so far have only done it once ... just once, no per week yet :-) I find that class boring, no matter how creative the instructor is, but it's a good way to get bike training in.

We also just returned from Danny and Bethany's wedding (2/17/07) in Ontario, Canada - FREEZING! It was great, we really enjoyed ourselves and the food and the toasts and our song went really well. People were giving standing ovations and telling us we should get a recording! Here are the temperature extremes of our trip.

I was appointed "Minister of Ornamental Symbology" and D & B decided they wanted to wear each other's names in binary code (black beads = 1's and white beads = 0's and yes, they had to tell me how to spell their names in binary) on a spiral hemp necklace (looks like DNA strand). So, I made them and presented them at the ceremony. Here they are on my banister at home before leaving because I apparently couldn't think to take a picture of them on their necks while I was there! It was a busy weekend and there were several times when the camera wasn't handy and my arms and mind were full of Reagan and what she needed - that girl just eats, nurses, sleeps, needs changing, constant attention, etc ... relax Reagan, we're on vacation! geez! :-)

Here also are mine (and Cam's), my Mom's, and my Grandma's quilt squares (from right, going counter-clockwise respectively) for D & B's baby quilt. There was quilting going on all weekend too and we put some sweat, blood, and tears into it for the little bun due in May.


  1. You have the necklace reading "bethany" displayed upside down!

  2. Oops! No one else would have known that if you didn't say anything. You've ruined it!!! :-)