Tuesday, February 27, 2007

More Reagan Skillz

She made somewhat of an attempt to go down the stairs backward today, the way I've been trying to show her. Before today, it was just ...
1. dangle feet off step
2. scoot butt forward
3. reach for mommy and expect life to be saved.

Today, there was a mixture of trying to go backward with hands down on upper step along with reaching for me to save her and a little of just hanging onto the railing and plopping onto the next step butt first facing sideways.

She definitely has moved beyond sitting timidly at the top of the steps, she goes for it now. We have a gate in the hallway separating her room from the top of the stairs, but I found out today that she knows she can go through the bathroom which leads to our room which leads to the stairs from the other side. She left my side today and headed straight to the stairs the long way without being sidetracked like I thought she would by opening bathroom drawers. She means business. I can't take my eyes off her for a second and she's not even walking yet!! Yikes!

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