Friday, April 27, 2007

Grandma Laurie's & Uncle Steven's Visits - Highlights

The Oakland Zoo

Reagan loves animals, so this was fun. She's heading toward the children's zoo area, but I think she's actually excited about the lady on the ground pulling weeds :-)

Looking at the Tortoise

Nice Armor. Being a tortoise suits you well, Mama!

Ready for Easter Dinner at Great Uncle Jim and Aunt Stephanie's house. Here's a moment of standing on her own - before she could walk (I missed it of course ... still getting ready inside)

On the Ferry with Grandma Laurie. We took the Bay Link Ferry from Vallejo to SF with some other Mom's in one of my playgroups. Great Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Jim joined as well ... they all went off to China Town for lunch with my Mom and met back up with us.

What? Uncle Steven doesn't feed me! She took the food after a minute ... decided to trust him.

More Ice Cream Mama!!!!! Here we are in Berkeley after eating at The Cheese Board Pizza Place (the best pizza ever ... visit us and you'll eat it for sure!) and had to go find ice cream too of course. I'm having to get used to this "sharing" concept all over again. I had gotten away from that with desserts unless it was someone else sharing with me :-). Then this 1 yr old comes along and wants my food! Jeeze!

Backyard excursions happen daily. As much as I enjoy the backyard, it was a nice break when Grandma would go watch every rock and leaf get picked up and studied, one at a time.

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