Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Reagan Turns 1 .... and walks!

Reagan turned 1 year old on Friday, the 13th! Although she had taken 2-4 steps on her own, we didn't really count it until Monday, the 16th, when she took 49 steps ... for Uncle Steven and Grandma Laurie ... right after I got in the shower. Would she repeat it when I rushed downstairs in a towel? No, of course not. But since Monday, she's already made progress. It went from coaxing her to do 10-20 steps to not even counting anymore because she chooses to walk more and more ... and it's only Wednesday.

We celebrated her birthday with family (Grandma Laurie, Uncle Steven, Great Grandma and Grandpa Kalkman, Great Uncle Jim and Aunt Stephanie) on Thurs, the 12th. Here's her first reaction to the sudden loud and in-unison singing of Happy Birthday, a more somber sounding song than we had ever realized, actually. She probably thought she was being sacrificed.

I'm innocent! Don't sacrifice me!

What? You're not trying to kill me?

What is this? Is this a trick?

Mom, will you taste this for me? Thanks.

This is awesome! What was I afraid of?

(Foxy Loxy Laugh) You've doomed me forever!!

Must stop eating this ... can't do it. It's calling me.

After a bath, we opened cards and presents and she went to bed.


  1. ok, i can see the pictures now. that was hilarious... "flaming cake, eerie chanting... OMG i'm in a cult and they're going to kill me!"

  2. oops, bethany commandeered my computer and it has apparently switched its loyalty. this and the previous comment were typed by Danny.