Thursday, January 3, 2008

All Done Nursing

... Since November 28th! She was down to 1 pre-bed nursing that was only lasting a couple minutes and after singing her back to sleep one night on our thanksgiving weekend trip, I just incorporated that (the singing, but not until she's asleep ... no need make a habit of that) with her bedtime routine at home. So, after bath and jammies, it's a cup of cow's milk, one book, a review of her day, and then she lays down while I sing about 5 songs, say "nigh nigh, have a good sleepy with teddy and passy, I love you" and leave. She's only asked for "milkies" 2 times since then and as soon as I explained it was all gone, but she could have a cup of milk downstairs, she was fine with that. So, voila! Didn't think it'd be that easy!

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