Monday, January 7, 2008

Conversations with Reagan

Yesterday, when Reagan got up from nap, I explained to her that we needed to go in the car and pick up Daddy because he rode his bike (over to Concord, his old route he use to do when I worked down there). Reagan starts saying, "Daddy bite, uh up, hoe. Don, don, don hoe." (Daddy bike up, up hill. Down, down, down hill.) Then today, she woke up from her nap and we hear her saying up, up, down, down, down hill again, so when I went to get her, I asked her, "Did Daddy ride his bike yesterday? Is that what you're talking about?" She says, "Daddy wode bite ..." (rode bike) ... hello, she just used the past tense of ride ... how the hell did she know to say rode?!?!

Whenever I wipe her face after eating and she acts like I'm torturing her, I always say, "oh my goodness" in a dramatic tone, mocking her so she lightens up and relaxes about it. Today, she repeated "oh my nooness".

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