Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reagan Speak

I finally just jotted some of these down because I kept forgetting exactly what she had said at the end of the day when I'd sit down to blog about it:

"Mama, Dada, Readan, owo doe, do dis one" (she was instructing us to stomp our feet like her, but to do it "over there")

"Dada, cose one eye" (close)

Me: Reagan, can you eat your spaghetti?
Rea: "No, jus Mama eat it"

"Dada, tate oos off" (take shoes off)

"Mama, hewp Readan down ide" (help down slide)

"Dada wight bat down" (right back down - he had just gone upstairs)

"Aunt Bee went bye bye. Danny went bye bye. Baby Wo went bye bye."
(We've probably talked about this a time or two, but it happened 18 days ago!)

"Daddy is outide" (outside)

"Dada owo doe pay toys" (over there play toys)

This is how she asked me to change her diaper this evening:
Rea: "Mama tains Readan"
Me: "oh, is your diaper yucky?"
Rea: "yeeah" (she was right, it was full of everything)

She says "poop in potty" after pooping in her diaper (hasn't figured out that she needs to say it before)

Before a diaper change, she'll tell us "no pee, jus poop" or "no poop, jus pee" and she's accurate almost every time.

And the funniest one from yesterday ... we got ice cream as an after doctor treat and when we were almost done, Cam told Reagan he had to go back to work and Mommy and Reagan were going to take a nap.

Reagan says: "No, Dada wook, Mama, Readan eat ice ceam"

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  1. Adorable. Btw, I have a meeting in california in a few weeks. Can't wait to see y'all.

    Interestingly, "Re(a)den" means "to converse" in German.