Thursday, May 14, 2009

Help From Gma "Loh-ie" and Gpa "Mau-tin"

This is out of date order, but I can't fail to mention the incredible help from my parents right after Ryan was born. My Mom was here 3 weeks and the night and day difference between how clean the kitchen stayed, how many cooked meals we ate, how little I had to be responsible for Reagan's daily routine and how not burried in laundry I was is insane! My Dad was only here for 5 days, but still managed to fix all the major problems with the house. No more leaking water heater, he installed a new one. No more leaks through the upstairs bathroom floor, he re-caulked the edge of the tub, and no more falling over gate, he made it stand up straight and latch easily again. Thank you both!

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  1. You're welcome! I had so much fun dancing, singing, playing, and reading with Reagan. I'm ready to come back anytime! And Mel always makes me happy too, and makes me laugh a lot! I love hanging out with you too, Mel! Cam, you're a wonderful support for all the fun (and you can deliver some funny lines too)- ready at a moment's notice to make a store run if needed, even after a long day of work! Without you things wouldn't be nearly so fun and easy! Ryan, you're gonna have a blast in this family!
    love, Grandma Laurie