Friday, May 8, 2009

Ryan At 2 Months

He was 14 lbs 9 ozs the other day, 97th percentile! He's actually 10 weeks old now and smiling up a storm, but also fussing up a storm a lot too. He sleeps great at night, horribly during the day. Unless he's attached to me, he basically doesn't sleep, but at night he's eating at 10 or 11, wakes to eat briefly at 3 and then about 6 or 7 (at this point I pull him into bed with me and we last til Reagan wakes up about 8:30). Not bad for his age but I guess he has the daytime to make up for too.


  1. oh, my. Adorable. Who does he look like? I think I see Grandma Liesi! (I mean Great Grandma Liesi- late Great)

  2. I couldn't put my finger on it either, but felt like he really looked like family and you're right, it's Gma Liesi!