Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sibling Fun

Ryan loves watching Reagan's every move and seems less and less bothered by how much she smothers him and how shriekingly loud she is sometimes. She always wants to help him when he cries and has gotten good at giving him the passy, even the technique of holding it there until he calms down. She likes to have him snuggle in her bed with her too.
"Reagan, stop posing and look at me again!"
When I prop him up against a pillow so he can watch us, he always manages to slump over until he's flat on his stomach since he basically goes where his disproportionately huge head goes. I always "ask" him where he's going when he does that and Reagan gets the hugest kick out of it. See for yourself :-)


  1. I have a similar pic of Cameron and David on a bed with pink sheets.

  2. Oh my goodness, gigglepuss!!! She's hilarious!