Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fun With Grandpa Don & Grandma Connie

We had a great time during their 10 day visit in June and have had to go back to cleaning the kitchen ourselves again. First, there was Grandpa Don's transformation, saved exclusively for Reagan. Before, no haircut or shave for 4 months (we're celebrating Gma Connie's birthday here)
After, Reagan said, "You look different but your voice sounds the same." Grandpa Don was very impressed by all her insightful remarks and enjoyed many "interesting conversations" with her.
Reagan really enjoyed some art and learning time with the colored pencils and dry erase writing strips Grandma Connie brought. Thanks for keeping Reagan so happily occupied, that was a nice break!
We were able to get out of the house kid free a couple times while Grandma Connie snuggled with Ryan, thanks again!
We all went to Kristen's (Daddy's 2nd cousin) wedding together and Reagan was a Woodland Fairy Flower Girl. She never actually walked down the aisle (luckily, there were 2 other flower girls) because that was too scary.
The basket of flowers was very important though and she wasn't letting them go anywhere.
They taught Reagan how to swing the bat in the backyard. (yes, that's a helmet. no, it's not for playing baseball. yes, she dressed herself. no, the ball didn't hit Ryan.)

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