Thursday, September 10, 2009

Passy Fairy

"The passy fairy takes your passies to give to babies in other cities that need them and she leaves you a gift. You can leave your passies in the passy fairy basket any night that you're ready starting when you're 3 years old ... or she comes on your birthday when you turn 4." - said I, several weeks ago.

This whole idea got discussed here and there until a few weeks ago on a Target trip where Reagan was getting very excited about "The Little Mermaid" themed dolls/toys and especially one where you could change Ariel from a mermaid to a human (we had to describe it to her since they were out of stock).

We started mentioning how maybe we could leave a message with the passy fairy. This got her suddenly very ready to give up the passy. We convinced her that a practice night or two (she only slept with it, so it was only an issue at night and naps) would be good to see if she's ready since the passy fairy couldn't buy the gift until it was in the store anyway. She only got about 10 minutes in and got out of bed to grab the passy off her bookshelf ... too tempting.

On the way home that night, she made sure ... over and over during the ride home ... that we knew she wanted the "tail on/tail off" Ariel and not the other ones. We found the toy (on Ebay finally) and told Reagan it was available for the passy fairy to buy so when Cam suggested she go for it, she was game.

We put her 2 passies in a basket and I left a little note from the passy fairy saying how generous it was of her to give her passies to babies that need them. She was beside herself the next morning with her "tail on/tail off" Ariel and has been playing with it almost non-stop ever since.

It hasn't been the easiest transition though. The first two nights she woke up around 4 am out of sorts, wanting her passy, unable to fall back asleep. When she wanted us to play "Ariel" with her the next day, we explained that we were too tired because we missed so much sleep when she wouldn't sleep in the middle of the night. She hasn't done that since!

She's had some trouble at the beginning of the night too, not wanting to go to sleep. Tonight is the first night she didn't fight it at all - only took 5 nights to get back to normal, not bad. The best was when she whined about needing something in her mouth and when I suggested her thumb, she said, "no, I need something the size of a passy!" Sneaky, Reagan, sneaky.

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  1. I'm not sure I understand the value in giving up the pacifier. It's just for sleeping. Let her take it to college. Who cares?