Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Reagan gets it. It wasn't long ago that we would tell her " ... in 10 minutes" and she'd say "how about 5?" Ok Reagan, whatever you say. :-) Well tonight when Cam was putting her to bed, there was a little negotiation about how many minutes he'd wait before checking on her.

Cam: "How about 30 minutes?"
Reagan: "No, that's too long. How about 5 minutes?"
Cam: "How about 10 minutes? That's just 2, 5 minutes" [shows her by counting on hands]
Reagan: "No, 5 minutes" [throwing just one hand up to show him]
Cam: "How about 5 minutes in the monitor and then 5 more minutes in your room?"
Reagan: "No, 5 minutes in my room, then in the monitor. And Mommy has to check on me too"

Bring her along next time you're dealing with a used car salesman!

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