Monday, September 14, 2009

First Day of School

Reagan started preschool today ... and didn't cry one bit (even though she told me numerous times from the moment she woke up that she didn't want to go). After refusing to get in the pool for lessons without me just a month ago and go into a ballet class without me in the spring, I was pretty surprised how well she did.

"I love it here" she said, as we were walking out.

An excerpt from my friend Tracy about her son JJ and Reagan this morning (a few friends had a harder time, but they all ended up proclaiming their love for the place too):

/Warm Fuzzy Moment of the Day/: JJ bawling his eyes out that I'm leaving the playground. Reagan walks up (out of nowhere) and silently presents a pine cone to JJ. JJ: "I don't want a pine cone!! Snort". Reagan (patiently still holding it out). I give it to JJ and say "tell Reagan thank you". "Thank Youuuu. Snort". Reagan silently retreats to whatever angel cloud she came from....

Waiting to go in this morning (from left): Wesley, Reagan, Jack

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  1. Has there ever been a cuter little schoolgirl?!?!
    Great Aunti Augie