Wednesday, July 7, 2010

June 2010 - A Busy Start to our Summer

Jun 1
Swim Lessons began (actually in May, but that was when she refused to enter the water). Now, she goes under for several seconds at a time (with goggles) and even excitedly showed her friend Emma, who's also made the same progress, how she could let go of the wall for a split second and go under. She's excited to go every time now too, which is 9 classes every 2 weeks.

I decided that just like brushing teeth and going to bed, she had to learn to swim and therefor had to do lessons. I offered an added incentive of candy (that she helped me pick out ahead of time) after each lesson when she stayed in the water and tried everything they said. She asked what happened "if" she didn't and my reply was "You have to get in, it's not an option, it's just that you get the candy to help you want to do it". The first time, she still hesitated and when the lesson was half over, I let her know that she was already down to just 1 piece. That made her get serious and let the teacher bring her in. The rest is history.

Zonking at dinner has happened twice when she didn't nap and then went to her evening lesson.

Jun 6
Bike Ride Picnic at the State Park. Reagan rode the Trail-A-Bike for the first time (got it used from another Mom) and was nervous at first, but ended up loving it. Here's a video of her and Cam riding.

The Ryan and lunch carrier, pulled by me
Picnic by the water

Jun 10
Trip to the Zoo, here's Reagan and Ryan on the Merry-Go-Round full of zoo animals.
Ryan on what sheep say:

Jun 11
Preschool year ended. Reagan on her first & almost last days of school. She seems so much older.

Jun 13
Day at Stinson Beach with Jack and Wesley's families. They couldn't get enough sand play. This is also the fateful day I dropped my old phone in the ocean while jumping in the waves (ankle deep) with my phone in my sweatshirt pocket.

Ryan relaxing with a book :-)
All the kids thoroughly enjoying the huge hole Cam dug.
Jun 14
Start of our Summer Preschool Co-op; 5 other moms and I decided to keep the fun of preschool going this summer. For 2 days/week (as opposed to 3) and for 3 hrs instead of 2 1/2, we're rotating who teaches and assists. For the 24 days (12 weeks), we'll each spend 8 days as a teacher (4 days) or assistant (4 days) while having the other 16 days off! It's been great so far. We laid out the schedule and teaching rotation in March and have been holding "class" at the swim club (grass area and clubhouse - free to reserve it since 4 of the 6 of us are members). Each day is based around a letter and there's circle time, outside structured activity, craft/science, a story, songs, snack, and lunch. It's 9:30-12:30 each Monday and Wednesday and the one teaching provides lunch and snack, so when it's not your turn, you literally drop your kid off and don't have to think about anything, which is great. The kids are loving it and are needing more nap days, which is also great. I've taught once so far and had letter E, so we talked about environments and made environment collages and drew pictures of environments. My next letter is H, so we've got hopscotch, hokey pokey, making hats ... still planning it all, we'll see.

Jun 17
A kids Water Park (which I forgot to bring my camera to) where Reagan - and even Ryan! - went down water slides

Jun 22
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom with our neighbors and their free passes. We saw the tiger show (Ryan told Daddy about it over and over, "Daddy, ah[purr]") and the whale show which he talked about by saying "uht uht uht" then clapping and saying ooooh to tell us that the whale went up and then we all clapped for her.

Jun 25-27
Camping Trip with 3 other families, we had a great time. This pic looks like a poster for a movie called The Navy Sweatshirt Gang or something. From left: Lucas, Reagan, Jack, and Wesley


  1. me: "her shirt says 'big sisters rock'"

    F: rocks aren't sisters! [laughs] [sigh] i really love reagan... i miss

  2. It looks like you're having a great summer!