Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Copy Cat

Reagan stood intently watching me snap my fingers today, then acted uninterested and walked away, but a few steps later, facing away from me, stopped and attempted it. She managed to sort of touch her finger to her thumb for a few seconds, but it was interesting how she decided to go off on her own and try it rather than in front of me where she could see another example.

She also copies the turning around part of Hokey Pokey by spinning in circles during the song. She touches her head to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and also 5 Little Monkeys (one fell off and bumped his *head*). She has a sign for "music" now and asks for it mulitple times a day. It's kinda nice cause I don't always think to put music on and now she reminds me to do it! Between songs, she'll sign "music" again and look at me like, hey, I said I wanted music, why did it stop?

Dancing Queen

The other night, Cam was reading her a book on the couch and her music was on in the background. A particularly favorite song came on and she excitedly sat up, pointed toward the stereo, and motioned to get down on the floor. She then stood there bopping her knees to the beat. It was like a real person going "ooh, my favorite song, hold on, I gotta dance to this"!

A Real Memory

It's not always "out of sight, out of mind" anymore these days. Yesterday, I sat down on the floor to read her a book and as usual, she situated herself on my lap to get ready. As she got situated, she was trying to grab the pen and paper in my hand, so I quickly set them on the floor just under my leg, out of her sight. She continued sitting on my lap and I thought, cool, that still works, she's forgotten about the pen and paper. 2 pages into the book, she pushes the book aside, gets up off my lap and walks around my knee looking down under my leg for the pen and paper. So, not only did she not forget that I had put something forbidden down there, but the book wasn't even distracting her ... she was apparently too consumed with the lingering curiosity that she couldn't forget about!


  1. Ooh, Faire Bear has some catching up to do. So far she can suck and sleep and squirm and look around. She's also doing some fairly advanced mathematics, but only in her head.

  2. ha ha :-) Faire Bear, that's cute!