Thursday, May 3, 2007

Room Rearranging Again ...

A few months ago, we decided another work station in the living room would be nice and moved a desk from the too crowded guest room. It was a good arrangement and worked pretty well (served as my sewing/quilting station). Not everything was ideal though. So this week, I decided that since Reagan's a little sick and I couldn't take her to the gym daycare, I'd have Cam set up his bike trainer so I could ride during her naps (I wouldn't normally care to ride my bike that much, but my triathlon is 3 days away now!). He quickly set it up over his lunch hour in the middle of the room. This won't do, it's time to draw up a new plan, make a permanent spot for the bike! What, an excuse to rearrange? Well, I ditched the pen and paper and started moving stuff around pretty quickly. It never looks right just sketched out ... you have to spend oodles of time with a tape measure and graph paper or excel ... no time for that right now. I'm blogging about this because I have never so geniously rearranged a room before ... well, there's no spot for the papasan chair anymore, but we hardly ever sat in it. Something had to go with the addition of the bike. I met every criteria you could think of (anyone need to hire me? :-))

1. TV sitting area still it's own cozy compact area and all spots can view TV well
2. Reagan's play area in plain view of the couches (never been the case before)
3. Bike and Sewing/workstation both facing the TV (also never been the case before)
4. Reagan's play area in plain view of the kitchen and dining room too!
5. Still room behind the TV to store the physio balls
6. Room looks and feels sectioned into different areas yet extremely open as well
7. Bike right next to the window; open if you're hot and the sill holds water, remote, towel, etc.

With all this hard work, I still haven't cared/had the time to ride that much ... or at all. Oops! :-)

From dining room...

Stepping in, looking right (bike is under blue tarp, sewing/workstation in foreground behind Cam on the couch)

From the sewing/workstation toward the new play area

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