Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fearless Bather!

After several months of refusing to sit down in the bath, we have a seated bather! I tried a gradual strategy; a few nights ago, I took a bath with her and pointed out over and over again how Mommy was in the water, the duckies were in the water, the cups were in the water, the balls were in the water ... can Reagan go in the water? ... and I got her to sit with me! Progress!

A few nights later, which was last night, I coaxed her to touch her toes, touch the water with her fingers and splash and make bubbles, grab the washcloth ... but she wouldn't sit down on her own. I guided her down and got all excited and told her to clap with me and she did, but would promptly stand up again. This repeated a few times and then she decided to stay there a little longer.

Tonight, she still wouldn't sit on her own at first, but stayed down for a long time when I sat her down ... and even stood and sat again on her own a couple times. She spent almost the entire bath sitting and sticking foam letters to the side while I poured water over her, even dripping it over her eyes several times! She tensed up like she wanted to stand, but I reassured her with a few "it's ok's" and she decided to let it go and keep on playing. Major progress!

Standing Up On Her Own!

As of Sunday, we suddenly noticed she doean't need a wall or a leg or a chair or anything to get to a standing position now. She goes from ape to human in a matter of seconds. It's like a Darwin flip book!

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