Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

We went to Marie Callendar's Mother's Day Brunch Buffet ... yum. For the first time, Reagan ate 100% restaurant food without us bringing anything from home for her. As we digested, we decided to catch some of her baby sign language on camera :-)

"Outside" (supposed to pull fingers out of hand, but she pulls her thumb ... close enough)
"Please" (actually a rubbing motion, but we taught her to just touch her chest ... easier)

"All Done" (I don't think we taught her this, just reinforced it. Babies seem to do this when they want out of whatever they're strapped into)"Water" (I think this is the sign for bottle, but she has a bottle so rarely that she didn't need a sign for it, so we used it for water, which is what she drinks when she's not nursing)

"More" (already seen on the blog ... taught this one wrong unknowingly, but that doesn't change it's affect of course) "Book" (the hands are supposed to open, which she sort of does, but ends up separating her hands so much, it looks like "all done", so we're settling on just putting the hands together)
"You're Funny" JK :-)

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