Friday, June 8, 2007

The Circus ...

Reagan went to her first Circus ( on Wednesday. She was more interested than I thought she'd be. She'd get a little bored during the inbetween clown mime acts, but overall, she was mesmerized with the lights, music, people, objects all flying around. She looked up at the rope acrobats the whole time they performed. And of course when the motorcycles drove around in a huge globe, that kept her attention. We had ringside seats too, so everything was real easy to see. It was only a 1 ring circus, no animals, but right here in town.

A Funny ...

Today when I was putting Reagan down for her nap, singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, she stopped nursing and put her arms up as if to say "all done", something she never does while nursing ... she just sits up if she's done. Just before I asked her what she was all done with, I realized she was just doing what you do when you hear the words "high and sky". One of her songs has a line that says jump up high and reach up for the sky and that's the motion we do. When she heard those words in my song, she was just throwin' down the dance moves to it, no biggie :-)

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