Saturday, June 23, 2007

Uncle Brandon & Aunt Danielle Got Married!

It was a fun, long weekend and a great wedding! We really enjoyed seeing all the extended family and Reagan did a great job despite lots of lost and/or uncomfortable sleep. Here she is at the rehearsal dinner in her make shift stroller bed. It was a gorgeous place up on a mountain overlooking the whole city of Phoenix.

Earlier in the night, Reagan loved the fire and water fountain, which basically has a drop off on the other side as far as we could tell. It was pretty spectacular.

The guests of honor, Brandon and Danielle Back at our hotel, Reagan decides what shoes to wear :-)

and swims in the pool on the roof with Mama!

The Big Day!

We were there early for Cam to be in all the pictures, so Reagan enjoyed running around, breaking my necklace :-( (that's what I get for buying Target jewelry), and finding a surprise teddy bear from Uncle Brandon and Aunt Danielle on her seat at the church ...

Peek-a-boo! No necklace :-(

Look what I got Da Da!
I have another Auntie now! Let's go party!

At the reception, Reagan was the life of the party :-) When the DJ announced "this is for Reagan", everyone got up to dance the Hokey Pokey and the Chicken Dance with her. She was just mesmerized in the middle of the crowd, but managed a couple spins herself.

Heading in from the car ...

Some Head Table time ...

" ya do the Hokey Pokey and ya turn yourself around ... "


  1. She's collecting Aunties left and right.

    What a Cute E. Pi!

  2. she is ... with all these brothers we collectively have ... :-)