Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Adventures in Putting Reagan to Bed

Ever since our trip, where Reagan understandably had sleeping difficulties (strange place, so much stimulation, so many people, etc), we've had continued issues with her not wanting us to leave the room. She insisted on Mommy laying next to her a lot on the vacation and at home now. A few nights ago, after reassuring her over and over again that I would check on her, that I loved her .. the usual stuff I say, she just whined "nooooooo" and when I finally left the room and told her to just go to bed (I was done), she got more upset and declared through cries that she was going to sleep on our floor (something we offered when she had a bout of episodes with going to bed a couple months ago). I said, fine, sleep on my floor. It was going on 10:30 at this point, so I got in bed and let her set herself up on the floor. She spent a good 10-20 minutes trying to convince me that she could just lay in front of me on the bed (the space in front of me was about 2 inches wide). I held my ground and she finally laid on her pillow but only if she could pull my arm down to hold my hand. Cam came to bed around 1 am and she was sort of awake and readjusting at that moment, so he told her, let's go sleep in your room, you won't be comfortable here all night, etc. She threw a little tantrum even though he was offering to sleep with her in her room. That wasn't enough, she wanted to see Mommy. I listened in the monitor as they repeated this conversation several times:

Reagan: "I want one more hug from Mommy" [whine, whine, cry, cry]
Cam: "If Mommy comes in here to give you one more hug and then goes back to bed, is that going to be ok?"
Reagan: "No" [whine, cry]

He managed to calm her down and convince her to lay next to him and they slept there all night. The next night, he's putting her to bed and she's not wanting him to leave after the routine and he tells her he just has to go wee wee, put on his jammies, and check some things on the computer and then he'll come back to check on her. She's totally agreeable to this, though insists she's going to sit up until he's back. Well, that didn't last long and she was soon asleep.

The next time I'm putting her to bed, I'm doing the usual routine and when I'm ready to leave and she's not wanting me to, she asks, "can you do like Daddy and go wee wee, put on your jammies, and check some things on the computer?" um, yes Reagan, I can do that! Wow, this is our new trick! Cam and I had a good laugh about that. So this has been working for a few days.

Then yesterday, she realizes she can't hear me go wee wee and wants me to leave her door open so she can hear it. So here we go ... I don't even know how yet (she's outsmarting us slowly), but I do know our new trick isn't going to last much longer, she's dissecting it already. So, all is well as long as she hears me go wee wee and I come back and hold her hand again before telling her I'm going to check some things on the computer before coming back to check on her. (Good thing I'm pregnant and always have to pee)

Moving on to this morning at 5 am: She woke up and got upset that I wasn't there checking on her. I settled her back down and did the hand holding for a few minutes and then told her I was going to go wee wee and then rest for a little bit since it was still the middle of the night and then I'd come back to check on her. That wasn't flying at all. She wanted me to check some things on the computer and I tried to explain that it was night time and that I needed to sleep right now. Nope, too upsetting. I finally said, "Do you want me to go check some things on the computer instead?" "Yes." Alright, that's what I'm gonna do then ... wink, wink.

Hopefully this is either just an age thing or a combo of that and anxiety about the baby that's supposed to come out of my tummy soon ... so hopefully it'll subside after the baby arrives. Am I being naive? I can't deal with this when the new baby is here!

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