Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Tree Time

We got our tree on December 15th, I'm just finally blogging about it. It's really nothing special to blog about cause every year (well, only the ones that we've been in town) we go to the Rite Aid 10 minutes away and select a tree from their small pile of look-alikes and then come home and put the most standard basic things on it ... colorful ball ornaments and white lights. Boom, done!

Reagan did a great job hanging ornaments this year and only broke one in the process. Oh, we also had the chocolate ornaments from Augie to add this year and she only talked about eating them 20 million times for the first couple days and hasn't said a word since. This picture reminds me a lot of a picture of myself when I was about this age, reaching toward a christmas tree like this with short curly hair in a white turtleneck ... maybe we don't look alike, it's just all the other coincidences :-) Adding this pic just to document my 6.75 months (29 weeks) preggo belly.

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