Sunday, May 10, 2009

Laughs from Reagan

1. We sampled meatballs on toothpicks and bought some for home. At home, Reagan told me she didn't like the taste.
Melanie: Reagan, I bought them cause you liked them at the store
Reagan: I like-ed the ones on sticks
Melanie: Would these taste better if I put them on sticks?
Reagan: Yeah
Melanie: [puts toothpicks in meatballs]
Reagan: I like them now!

These next 3 were reminders of exactly what I say and sound like all day ...

2. Reagan wanted to call Daddy at work so I told her the numbers to press one at a time and when she was done and hung up, she turned to me and said "K... I'm off the phone. You be'd very patient for me."

3. I pulled all the stuffed animals down from Reagan's bed to change the sheets and she said, "Jesus, it's messy in here!"

4. I was putting meatballs onto a plate to heat up and she said, "holy crap, that's a lot of meatballs!" I've since explained that that's not really a nice word and Mommy shouldn't say it :-)


  1. She's so funny! Cameron told me the other day "Lucy's so damn cute!"

  2. #3, she didn't say," Sweet Jesus..."

  3. We were wondering if she said jesus or b'jesus?

  4. no, but I do say b'jesus still :-) I like your spelling of that, I always wrote it as "bejesus" and to answer Erin, I haven't said sweet jesus in a long time and I think Heidi and Doug always said it way more than me.