Monday, September 7, 2009

Big Sur, Monterey, and Camelot

Last weekend, my parents flew in for a quick weekend where we met Trixie, Philip, and Alex (aunt and cousins) for a night of camping in Big Sur. Cam came up with a great idea for keeping all the sleeping bags and pillows away from Ryan (we had never camped when Reagan was this young) - a kid bed rail between our air mattress and his little mat. Reagan was on her own camping pad at his feet. What a nice, cute little family tent layout, right? Fast forward to 2 am when Reagan woke up crying, which woke up Ryan and the only way to pick up Ryan without sitting on Reagan's sleeping area was to kneel on the unstable air mattress while reaching over the [previously] genius bed rail. Other than that, camping went well! :-)
Hmm ... scorching pot of chili and no tongs. This is called planning ahead folks! We bent a roasting stick and moved quickly.
Time for S'mores!
Next day at famous scene where waterfall falls directly onto beach.
Grandma Laurie and Reagan in their twin pants doing their twin walk back to the car
Stopped in Monterey on the way home ... 2 men and a baby ... a 22 lb baby with no stroller since it wouldn't fit with all our camping stuff in the van
The Berenstain Bears got candy apples for Halloween in one of Reagan's books and now she knows what they are (it's actually a caramel apple ... better in my opinion)
At the neighborhood pool the next day
back at Camelot


  1. Faire says "I want to go to Reagan's house, mommy."

  2. aw, that's sweet! We were just looking at your posterous site and Reagan's all about playing tinker bell with Faire now that she see's she wears the fairy wings too. "I'll be tinker bell and Faire can be my fairy friend." ... do really well on your interviews out here! :-)