Thursday, March 15, 2007

Condo On Wheels

We finally decided to try out our new bike trailer/jogger (converts by popping a handle bar on the back). Well, it's new to us; bought it from another Mom in the Mom's Club for only $90 and these normally run $200-$300 and it's in great condition. We decided with this little motorhome, we could fit a lot of groceries in with her and brought a blanket to help separate her from the food/bags. Well, we bought so many that Reagan didn't fit and we had to switch off carrying her and carting the groceries all the way home (from Safeway, the far away store!). It all worked out fine other than Reagan missing her afternoon nap.

It's coming in especially handy now that I'm watching another little girl on Wednesday mornings, Anya (17 months, 6 months older than Reagan). I took them with me to the Mom's Club meeting and here they are, ready for the 20 min walk home. What cuties sipping their water in unison all snuggled in the condo! On the way home, Reagan fell asleep and Anya was trying to put her passie in her mouth for her. It was really cute.

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