Sunday, March 25, 2007

Whale (or Fog) Watching on Point Reyes (Sat, Mar 24)

Mid-March is the peak of the Gray Whale's northern migration. We rode the shuttle bus and hiked out to Chimney Rock and the Lighthouse, the best whale watching spots in the bay area. After all that work, we got some great views, but no whales. Others in our group who thought that was too much trouble happened to see two whales while they were waiting at the beach near the parking lot. Figures...
Mom, Dad, & Reagan hiking out to Chimney rock.

Reagan's favorite view: waves, surf, sea birds, seals, wild flowers. She was quiet for a whole 5-10 minutes while she watched and listened. That's a long time for this chatter box. She only peeped when Daddy turned the wrong direction, and she could no longer see the ocean from her perch. Her first time seeing the ocean was all the entertainment she needed.

Mom & Reagan at the lighthouse. With a little help from Mommy, Reagan walked up one of the 310 steps back up to the trail.

A tired babe riding home with Quackers the duck from Grandma Connie.

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