Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nap Time Chronicles

I feel like Reagan's nap/sleep schedule has been all over the place lately. It seemed like she was needing to wait longer before taking her morning nap, but then her afternoon nap would end up so late, it was pushing her bedtime later (but she doesn't wake up later in the morning) ... or we'd skip afternoon nap and she'd be a disaster by dinner time, hate her bath, and need to go straight to bed.

Yesterday, another mom told me that she's having the same problem and the doctor told her to try going with an earlier morning nap and it worked. So, I tried that today and it worked! The wierd thing, well a couple wierd things actually, are that she's taking her afternoon nap right now, just over 2 hrs after waking up from her morning nap AND she slept for 13 hours last night! Maybe she's catching up from the last few days, where her schedule has been all over the place ... or maybe she knows I want her to nap before I drop her off at Megan and Anya's house this afternoon while I go swim, bike, and run to get ready for my triathlon :-)

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